Shakespeare for dreamers

Within Shakespeare’s plays we can find texts of songs that were intended to be performed by the actors or musicians on stage. Asked by director Marco Alotto to set into music two songs from A Midsummer Night’s Dream, composer and cellist Nicola Segatta created a musical style that toggles between Monteverdi, pop and Armenian music, which, like Shakespeare’s English, steals the grammar, the vocabulary, the humour, and the inflections from predecessors to become something completely new. Without waiting for a commission he gradually set other Shakespeare songs to music to create this album. Inspired by the Renaissance, dreamlike style of Ashot Yan, painter of the Cd cover, he transforms antique-sounding melodies according to the syntax of dreams, in which every familiar situation undergoes a metamorphosis towards something strange and unknown.

Author: Nicola Segatta

Price: €16

Hardcover:  64 pages + CD
Dimensions: 13cm x 13cm

Available at Kixott’s Bookshop, Mosta