Author: David Pisani, Elise Billiard, Julia Pallone and Mark Dingli

Price: €24

Paperback: 160  pages
Dimensions: 270 x 210 m

Available at Kixott’s Bookshop, Mosta


Transit is the culmination of the online and on-site Transit urban art project. This stylishly designed book – an ‘art study’ – traces the quiet tension arising from the Valletta City Gate project.

Controversial from the start, the demolition of the entrance into Malta’s capital city to make way for a new parliament building was always bound to stir emotions – some dormant, some closer to the surface. David Pisani’s evocative photographs closely, though obliquely, capture this slowly changing landscape, while Elise Billiard’s writings – some fey and faint, others concrete as can be – explore themes of urban belonging and flux.

Illustrations and installations presented in the book are works of artist Julia Pallone. TRANSIT represents the final chapter of David Pisani’s epic documentation of Valletta which he started in 1988 and which became known as Vanishing Valletta