Viaggio in Italia

A concert and an intense itinerary across Italy, from the Madonie of Sicily to Friuli, stopping in villages and towns to collect colours and perfumes, melodies and rhythms. Viaggio in italia comes from a workshop promoted by Officina delle Arti ‘Pier Paolo Pasolini’, where a group of artists, who founded the association AdoRiza, aimed at discovering and keeping alive a deep experience and heritage of music, collective memory and beauty, where tradition is entangled with new artistic proposals, and the ambition to speak to the heart of contemporaneity through the many suggestions of feast, love and work emerging from the past.
Winner of the Targa Tenco album a progetto 2019

Author: AdoRiza

Year: 2019
Price: €15

Cardboard cover: 80 pages, 21 pictures, cd
Dimensions: 14cmx14cm

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