Inventario 12

Tutto è Progetto | Everything is a Project

Curator: Beppe Finessi

Price: €10

Languages: Italian and English
Paperback: 160 pages
Dimensions: 210 mm x 270 mm

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The cover story is dedicated to the feather, with a composition of surprising works which are scattered delicately, enigmatically and unexpectedly, reinterpreting its form and meaning. An emblem of lightness and freedom, used as an ornamental element with a certain amount of mystery, the feather is a small concentration of different characteristics, resistant and flexible, soft and warm, a modular “object” which lets you imagine, challenging conventions and obviousness.

As always, INVENTARIO arranges the flow of objects and thoughts through a set of established features, “boxes” which host expressly sought-out and coherently ordered content.  Stefano Salis discusses Joseph Cornell in “Normal Wonders”, Paolo Bocchi uncovers Mur de chevilles (1993) by Mathieu Mercier in “Absolutes”, while Michele Calzavara investigates the irregular work of Krzysztof Wodiczk in “Crossover Archtects”. Francesco M. Cataluccio, in “Temporalia”, explores the ways in which different artists have reflected on the phenomenon of migration; Francesco Garutti discusses Marion Baruch in “Fil Rouge” and Roberta Valtorta does the same on Francesca Woodman in “Myths of Today”. Chiara Fauda Pichet, in “Judicious Pairings”, provides an overview of various works of art made from reworking everyday objects such as the clothes hanger, while in “Temporalia” Daniele Greppi reflects on Upcycling, a creative reuse project involving 40,000 clothes hangers discarded by a clothing brand. In “New Masters” Marco Romanelli converses with Harri Koskinen, in “Short Notes” Giulio Iacchetti presents (and draws) a small inventory of clothes pegs, in “Species of Spaces” Matteo Pirola takes us to the Stella Park in Hokkaido, designed by Alessandro Mendini in 1985; and, finally, Deborah Duva in “Other Cases, Other Homes” talks about the transformation of the Laurie Mallet House, created by the SITE studio in 1985 in New York.